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Welcome to Coral Conservation, a project that was created in the beautiful Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, more precisely in Puerto Viejo. It’s our main goal to protect, preserve and restore the coral reefs in the area. Coral Conservation comes to life because I couldn’t just stand by and watch the reefs disappear, I wanted to do more about our oceans.

The Coral reefs around here, as in other parts of the world, are under a serious threat. So, six months ago, I decided that it was the moment to do something about it. I brought together a group of young local people that were eager to make a change, have a positive impact in ocean conservation and we started this amazing journey.

What are we going to do?

  • Conservation workshops for the local community. We want to inspire people. Everyone can have a positive impact and we’ll show how they can do it.
  • Investigation. We want to start by analyzing the quality of the water. It is crucial to learn where and how to act.
  • Reforestation. One of the biggest problems in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica are the contaminated rivers and all the sediments that end up in the ocean. Without trees, the ground loses its structure and a lot of earth sediments end up covering the corals. Planting trees will not only help to reduce the oceans acidity but it will also give structure to the land.
  • In the future, it is our main goal to act directly on the reef by restoring the dead corals with new and more resilient ones.
Coral skeleton
Inspection of the area
Inspection of the area
Gorgonia Flabellum
Venus sea fan