About us

About us

About us

Emerging from the passion and concern of a group of young nature and ocean enthusiasts in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, Coral Conservation was brought to life. Driven by the rapid deterioration of coral reefs, our founder, María, resolved to take action. In response to this pressing environmental challenge, Coral Conservation was established.


María Cabrera
Director and & Founder

Jennifer Bon Tavarnese
Environmental education

Joel Gagstatter
Reforestation Project

Dani Marín
Research project with agrochemicals

Katherine Wolf


Martín Miranda
Responsible of the maintenance of the nursery.

Arnaud Hoareau
Computer Scientist

Paulino Salazar

Board of Directors

We are a registered association in Costa Rica formed by the Board of Directors.

President – Maria Cabrera

Vice President – Jennifer Bon Tavarnesse

Secretary – Angie Hernández

Treasurer– Arnaud Hoareau

Vocal One– Joel Gaggstatter

Fiscal – Jason Mendéz


Yeny, Diana, Jeison, Macu, Paulino, Olivia, Francisco, Jeison, Eleonor, Aurora, Victoria, Jason, Angie, Mary.

For any questions you can contact us at info@coral-conservation.org

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