About us

About us

About us

We are the community of the South Caribbean of Costa Rica, people from different contexts, cultures and disciplines united to find innovative solutions to stop the disappearance of coral reefs and ensure their conservation.


María Cabrera
Director and & Founder

Jennifer Bon Tavarnese
Environmental education

Joel Gagstatter
Reforestation Project

Pablo Hernández
Strategic communication

Sofia Corrales
Audiovisual Communication

Victoria Messe
Land cleanup program

Dani Marín
Research project with agrochemicals

Abi Domíngez
Social media

José Pablo Calvachi
Marketing strategies

Olivia Josephine
Organizational development

Board of Directors

We are a registered association in Costa Rica formed by the Board of Directors.

President – Maria Cabrera
Vice President – Jennifer Bon Tavarnesse
Secretary – Angie Hernández
Treasurer – Arnaud Hoareau
Vocal one – Joel Gaggstatter

For any questions you can contact us at info@coral-conservation.org