Why the corals?

Why the corals?

It is known as Ecosystem services to the benefits offered by coral reefs.

BIODIVERSITY: Coral reefs are one of the most complex ecosystems that exist due to the large number of marine species that inhabit it (more than 4,000 species) as well as being one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet.

FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE: Coral reefs are the lungs of the oceans; They absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen that we breathe. By doing this, they regulate the temperature of the air and water, being essential for human life.

ECONOMY: The services provided by coral reefs (biotechnology, tourism, education, scenic beauty, fisheries) have been valued at around $10 billion per year globally. Hundreds of families in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica depend directly on these ecosystems.

SCIENCE: Reef organisms are important sources of new drugs. They have already provided drugs to treat asthma, arthritis, and some cancers.

COASTAL PROTECTION: Coral reefs protect coastlines against large waves, storms, and erosion. They are capable of absorbing 97% of wave energy and can reduce wave height by 84%.

RESOURCES: More than 500 million people depend on coral reefs for food, resources and income. In Costa Rica more than 750,000 tourists come to practice snorkeling and diving to see the coral reefs.

Corals are organisms that need favorable conditions to survive and continue to evolve. Although they have a very positive response to the adaptation of the environment, conditions are currently changing at an accelerated rate due to human activity.

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